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Aspirin Plus C Brausetabletten. Tromneural Zinkorot 25 Tabletten. Furthermore, in the context of rumors and distrust of hospital isolation, using a randomized design at the outset might have led even more patients to refuse being isolated. Next up is remdesivir. Trials are underway from the NIH, from a WHO consortium , and from Gilead itself, among others, so we should have a clearer picture soon.

Do not expect a cure. But it would be good if this compound can slow things down. Finally, there are some potentially very interesting results from France on hydroxychloroquine. A number of things need to be said up front: first of all, this was a small trial. Second, it was open-label. Third, there were significant patient drop-outs in the treatment group, making the sample even smaller. In summary, 26 patients were enrolled in the treatment group, with 16 controls.

Six patients dropped out of the treatment group: 3 went to the ICU, one dropped out due to nausea, one left the hospital apparently recovered? No one left the control group. There were 15 male and 21 female patients. The treatment group got mg of hydroxychloroquine sulfate three times a day, and six of those patients were also given mg azithromycin in addition. The paper says that this was the deal with possible bacterial superinfection, and the lead author also makes mention of possible antiviral effects of the compound.

The results are shown at right. As you can see, there appears to be an effect of hydroxychloroquine although I would like to see some error bars , and a notably stronger effect down to zero virus as measured by nasal swab of the hydroxychloroquine — azithromycin combination. I would expect this to start some larger trials, and that looks completely justified. But it points the way to something larger and more controlled. These are two inexpensive generic drugs with a long history of use in humans; if they can be repurposed in this manner we need to know as soon as possible.

Chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine both can have notable side effects, but this is not a long course of treatment, either. Update: a closer look at the data. Many feel they are on their own to develop treatment protocols. Federal health authorities like the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend supportive care, but have said there is no evidence yet to support antiviral drugs or treatments for inflammation…For critically ill patients suffering from intense inflammatory reactions, called a cytokine storm, some centers are trying a drug called tocilizumab.

My contacts tell me that there are now 6 Indian companies starting to make favipiravir. Also, a company that was making chloroquine and had a very bad FDA inspection has now had the decision reversed and been asked to ramp up production for the US. Really not helpful in this circumstance. Pretty sure Trump routinely appears with experts of various sorts.

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Trump has fired anyone who remotely disagrees with him and has chosen instead to surround himself with sycophants and morons. Barry et al — President Donald J. Trump seeks and recruits people more competent than himself a very high standard and does not suffer incompetence in his organizations. The US Presidency is such that it it more difficult to enforce that policy within government culture inculcated with deception. Still, he acts and acts quickly to assemble teams for success.


If you really believe that Pence was a judicious choice, I think you might be letting politics override any scientific inclination you might have. Now read this and let us know what you think on competence and decision making! In seriousness, we have here an exemplary Trumpian argument. Do this unblinkingly, immediately, with total authority: evidence is for losers. While your opponent is responding, move on to a different baldly false statement or say something rankly offensive.

It disorients those of us with a scientific bent. I wonder why are you skeptical on remdesivir? To my superficial understanding the biggest problem would be insufficient PK to target a respiratory virus as it was optimized for hemorrhagic viruses. Am I missing something? In their Nature paper from last year doi They also showed that it has a long half life in peripheral blood monocyte cells PBMCs.

Human dosing is mg on d1 and then mg IV qd subsequently, again suggesting that PK is not an issue. It does have efficacy, just not enough to merit it progressing. The two Mabs in the other arms of that trial were far superior which is still a little bit of a surprise, but the data is the data. A disappointment to be sure. That said, biologists only leave std deviations off a graph when the data sucks. There can be no error bars on qualitative data. The data in the French study are incredibly problematic. Not clear what error rates are at that site and with that assay, or what the threshold is for scoring positive.

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Thanks for linking to twitter thread — provides crucial analysis. Red flags all over the place; this needs serious scrutiny. What about reports that Losartan may be beneficial? Still not clear to me how the virus is being distributed by asymptomatic patients but it seems to be. Is there any reason to believe favipiravir might be just as effective in viral clearance as mono therapy without alpha interferon? So they tried this?? Please keep on being a voice for reason. People appear to have very uninformed ideas about the difference between an attractive molecule and a medicine.

Most, the majority, almost all hypothetical treatments wind up not working. Some brilliant guy with shaggy hair who just thinks up a miracle drug is only found in the movies. Spain's camino de santiago: 11th most cases the next article! Price plus you are ways to buy zithromax good for strep throat bestbuypharmacy is among the good for all parts.

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